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When Should I Buy That?

Posted by Jenny Carroll on Monday, May 14th, 2018 at 10:32pm.

So you've got the house of your dreams but now what? Is there a "best time" to make purchases for the home that can bring the costs noticeably down? With Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and others just a click of the mouse away it would seem that home goods are available anytime. However, purchasing experts agree that seasonal shopping still exists and they have tips just for you to make those buying decisions easier on your mind and your wallet. Check out this updated monthly list of deals so that you can furnish your home without spending a lot of green.


  • It's New Year's resolution time and retailers are eager to sell you exercise equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, and weight loss/fitness trackers. Set up that garage home gym and track your progress using deals historically found during this month.
  • According to Consumer Reports, January is not only the time for fitness items but TVs and home theater gear, too. Perhaps you missed the holiday season sales but Super Bowl is right around the corner and retailers are taking notice. Even if you're more of a Masterpiece Theater person, sales on entertainment are great for everyone.
  • White sales on linens and sheets are at their peak during January. Stock up on shams and sheets in January for comfortable sleeping year round. Don't know which sheets to buy? Check out the Sheet Buying Guide from Consumer Reports.
  • Now that the holidays are over, Christmas decorations are on sale everywhere. Wait to grab those larger decorations until after the holiday for maximum savings.


  •  As winter begins to fade in the Hill Country, cold weather clothing gets cheaper. This makes February the perfect time to grab the next size up for kiddo's coats and outerwear and typically more expensive classics for you.
  • Cold weather sporting gear begins to drop in February as the season comes to an end. Pick up skis, skates, and cold weather camping stuffs now while the iron is hot.
  • It may be the month of love but steer clear of jewelry and trinkets and go for a mattress instead. According to several sales outlets, months with national holidays like President's Day are typically the time for deep discounts on mattresses.


  •  Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Between Valentine's Day and Easter is the perfect time to grab boxes of chocolates. With prices low don't skimp and go for the cheap stuff either. Take advantage of steep sales and get the good stuff. You'll never go back!
  • Need a new driver or 9 iron? As we get ready for the long summer days, golf clubs tend to go on sale in March. 
  • Prices on small electronics, like digital cameras, have been known to drop in March. 
  • Not that Texans ever stop cooking outside, major hardware and specialty stores begin to incentivize grills in the early Spring. Get that new Green Egg or Weber in March so you can put more brisket and ribs on the coals! 


  • Spring cleaning is in full effect so now's the time to look for sales on vacuums and organizing solutions. Many big box stores begin to offer bins, boxes, and supplies for getting your home ready to refresh and redecorate for the spring season.
  • Start bagging those yard trimmings and sharpening your clippers as yard maintenance is back on the schedule! Mowers and trimmers are on discount this time of year to motivate homeowners to spend more on revitalizing their outdoor spaces. 
  • With a lull in national and romantic holidays, now is the time to look at that jewelry you've been eyeing for yourself or your loved one. Snag those earrings or that watch at a discount this month.


  •  With Memorial Day on the calendar for May, mattresses are back on the menu, boys!
  • May is also the time for kitchen and small appliances. It's the home selling season and many sellers and new homeowners are looking to upgrade their appliances for maximum impact. Take advantage of the holiday sales and get those expensive items cheaper. Many stores also offer additional deals, like no interest for a year, if you sign up for store-specific credit cards but be sure to read all the fine print!
  • Check out furniture stores on the big holidays for huge savings on redecorating your indoor and outdoor living spaces. With smartphones, it's easier than ever to compare prices and save on making your house beautiful.


  •  Most gyms see the majority of their new member sign-ups in January after the New Year. You can often find great deals halfway through the year as they try to get their numbers back up to post-resolution numbers.
  • Kitchy gifts for the old man start to pop up for Father's Day. Shaving kits, neckties, novelty socks and other items can be found all over the place in June. However, if your dad is into tools, big box stores historically drop prices in the summer to encourage summer home-improvement projects. Grab that new drill or those ratchet straps you've been eyeballing now.
  • The halfway point of the year brings on the semi-annual sales. Need some new skivvies or lingerie? Victoria's Secret has their semi-annual sale in June. Check out local listings for other mid-year sale items like swimwear, movie tickets, and hardware.


  • Load up on all things patriotic, especially on July 5th! Stores are swimming in red, white, and blue so grab that novelty dress, kitchy yard signs, and those flag icecube trays to get ready to celebrate the birth of our nation in style. 
  • All things outdoor from decking materials to consumer playground equipment can be found on sale in July. A quick look at the local mailers can get you going in the right direction. 
  • It's also a great time for paint. Need to brighten up your indoor space? Head over to your nearby paint supplier and give new life to your existing rooms at a discount.
  • Sunscreen for everyone! Sunscreen can be expensive, especially the good stuff, and frankly you shouldn't use anything else on your largest organ. Stock up on sunscreen and make hay while the sun shines!


  • What happens on the hottest days in Texas? Those air conditioners that have been working so hard throughout the summer finally call it quits. Thank goodness A/C's tend to go on sale in August. Be sure to call around to find the best deal but you'll be happy your A/C died in the heat of the summer. After you stop sweating, that is.
  • Outdoor furniture goes on sale to clear out stocks and make room for the holiday seasonal items. You know we start seeing Halloween and Christmas decorations earlier and earlier so these big items, like tables and chaise loungers, must go to accommodate all those giant, blow-up pumpkins and reindeer.
  • School supplies start filling the shelves and not only do you have to buy them anyway but they are typically discounted to burn through supplies in the madness of back-to-school shopping. Get those backpacks and pencil cases now. It's also a great time for laptops and computers as sellers compete for student dollars.
  • Organizing items to appeal to first-year college students are seemingly everywhere. Get your closets and junk drawers spiffed up in time for holiday guests and events.


  • Smartphones usually go on sale to coincide with Apple's annual keynote address and for students getting new phones for school. Or, for parents who need new phones because their college-aged kids have their old Iphone5 and mom or Dad needs a shiny new device!
  • It's Labor Day, folks! Time to check out appliances and mattresses again!
  • Now is the time to book that holiday airfare you've been talking about. Skip the Big Island for Thanksgiving this year but check out other destinations before seats are limited and prices meet demand.


  • Mmmmmm, candy. The closer we get to Halloween the more likely you'll find humongous bags of discounted candy. Just please don't bring the leftovers to my office. Especially not the peanut butter cups. Did I mention my office on Capital of TX Highway? And peanut butter cups. The good ones.
  • Back-to-school clothes and denim have been out for a few weeks at this point so prices will have dropped from the initial buying frenzy. Wait a few weeks and get a much better price in October rather than fighting the crowds in August and September.
  • Outdoor furniture is usually still on sale.
  • End-of-season tools like leaf blowers can be found during this time. If you can't find a neighborhood kid to rake your lawn or you didn't make one yourself (a kid that is) a leaf blower could be the best way to save your back and your wallet this season.


  • You know what the big November holiday is. The one we look forward to all year? That's right, Black Friday! If you're one brave enough to tackle the box stores on Black Friday then this is the money-saving bonanza you've been waiting for. Don't forget about Shop Local Saturday and Cyber Monday, too! You can buy all the presents for yourself you can handle and still have enough cash leftover for the last minute holiday shopping you'll inevitably have to do for friends and family. Don't worry, it's not just you.
  • Gaming systems, handhelds, and computers can be found at steep discounts during the November shopping days. Keep an eye on the local and national ads and don't be afraid to shop around. 
  • Black Friday is another time to search for those big appliances as stores will have monster deals to attract consumers. Remember, read the fine print on those credit cards they will offer you. It can be a good deal as long as you follow the rules to the letter. If not, those appliances might cost you more in the long run if you finance.


  •  Car dealerships are eager to get last year's stock off the lots to satisfy those sales quotas. Now is a terrific time to shop for a new vehicle. 
  • Holiday decorations go on drastic discount the days after Christmas so grab extra lights and those blow-up yard decorations now so that you'll be ready for next year. Challenge: are you the next Griswold house?
  • Toys also go on steep discount after the holiday frenzy so get a start on next year or simply wait to snag that expensive must-have item once the demand has subsided. 
  • Booze it up as New Year's Eve approaches. Many suppliers will offer holiday deals on champagne and other specialty beverages in preparation for the end-of-year holiday celebrations. If it's your thing then this is one of the best times to grab a few extra bottles of bubbly to have on hand.

We hope this list helps you throughout the year as you need to buy items, both big and small, for your home or office. Bookmark this page for easy access throughout the year. Do you have buying tips you'd like to share? Please post them in the comments below!



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