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The Best Local Produce and Urban Gardening

Posted by Sharon Rosshirt on Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 at 2:18pm.

If there's one thing that lots of Stanberry agents have in common it is a love of gardening and fresh produce.  Whether we are learning about gardening, helping tend to community gardens, visiting our local farmer's markets, or simply growing a tomato plant in a pot on the back porch we love it.  Not only are these veggies fresh and organic, they are also a boon to the local economy and all of us who enjoy them.  

Johnson's Backyard CSA

This month we received a couple of boxes from Johnson's Backyard Garden filled with great locally grown vegetables. JBG is an Austin tradition at this point.  Starting out in 2004 as a backyard family farm JBG has grown to one of the largest Community Supported Agriculture operations in Texas.  The farm now has around 70 acres of land in Cedar Creek, TX that provides vegetables to Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio through their CSA box program.  

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is much different than going to the local grocery and buying your vegetables. It is a direct partnership between the consumer and a farm. CSA members pay in advance for a share of the upcoming harvest and are ensured high-quality local produce, and in exchange, the farm is ensured a consistent market. Immediately after harvest, the boxes are delivered to members' homes, offices and over 30 community pick-up locations all on the same day.

You can find more information about this program HERE.

Austin Parks & Recreation Urban Gardening

All throughout Austin you can find small patches of soil that friends and neighbors have turned into a community garden. These programs are supported in part by Austin Grows, a group within Austin Parks and Wildlife that seek to educate the public on how to grow its own food. Austin’s Community Gardens are currently producing an estimated 100,000 pounds of fresh local, organic produce for Austin residents every year. They are also places where both adults and children learn, fostering community and good neighbor relationships.

If you want to get involved with your local garden check out THIS MAP to find one close to you.

Farmers Markets in Austin

Another great way to enjoy local veggies and handmade goods is at one of the many farmer's markets going on nearly every day.  These are a great free and fun option for your weekends since in addition to great produce many farmers markets also have local musicians, artists, and merchants with great crafts and gifts.

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