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Tahitian Village Bastrop Road Master Plan

Posted by Randy McDonald on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 at 10:32am.

 Tahitian Village and Roads in Bastrop, Texas, most commonly these two terms usually raise ugly comments such as "what roads",  "I've been paying for roads since I bought my lot" and have gotten zip"! ,"I can't even get to my property on these so called roads". 

Who's in the driver's seat for roads in Tahitian, well this is just part of the problem, the City of Bastrop has some, The County of Bastrop has some, and the BCWCID#2 appears to have the most!

 Yes it does seem to have been a thorn in the tires of everyone that has lived in or purchased a property in Tahitian Village since it's inception in the early 1970's 

Owners have paid road fees to BCWCID#2 per lot, owners have been paying Bastrop county road taxes also, double the taxing authorities and what appears getting less than 1/2 what others in Bastrop County get for just paying the Bastrop County Road taxes! 

BCWCID#2 is holding a Public Hearing on Saturday, March 11th, 2017 at 106 Conference Dr. Bastrop to provide an opportunity for public comments! 

Do not let this opportunity to hear what plans BCWCID#2 has for the future of the roads in Tahitian Village, will there be higher road fees coming, or even an additional Bond issue to the voters for Tahitian Roads? this is your opportunity to become informed and to be a part of the process and voice your thoughts!

I am a local Realtor, Tahitian Village resident, and a member of the TVACC committee, please feel free to reach out to me with questions or are interested in selling or purchasing in Tahitian Village.

Randy The Realtor 


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