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Not a Penny More

Posted by on Thursday, January 4th, 2018 at 2:40pm.

A REALTOR® can save you money, time, and hassles when purchasing a newly built home. can save you money, time, and hassles when purchasing a newly built home.

Buying a newly built home can be a great option for buyers, especially when the inventory of resale homes is tight, and choices are limited.  Central Texas builders have been working for years to create enough inventory to keep up with area demand, and this can work well for you if you are planning to buy a home. 

If you decide to consider new homes as a possibility, here are some important success tips:

First and foremost, involve a Realtor.  Onsite salespeople at builder communities work directly for one builder, and as employees, their job is to get that builder the best deal they can negotiate--- not you!  Working with a Realtor assures you of an advocate with your best interests at the top of their priorities.  The cost to you?  Not a penny more.  Builders have commissions built into their marketing budgets, based on an estimate of how many sales in a given community will involve Realtors.  This cost is not assigned directly to the cost of each home but spread across a community. 

Compare communities and builders within those communities.  Most production builders in our area have offerings in many different neighborhoods across the map.  Choose your area, and compare builder products within each location.  This is where a skilled Realtor can help you, again, by having broad exposure to the varying construction quality,  practices, and features for each builder. 

Ask about perks for each builder, like special loan products or seller paid concessions, like title policies and closing costs.  Many larger builders now have partnerships with title companies or mortgage companies, and can spread their profit needs across those businesses, benefitting you with savings in those areas. 

Examine contracts and other documents ahead of time.  You should know what contract forms will be required if you purchase, and there is no uniform code for those documents.  Each builder has attorneys draft their own contracts.  A Realtor can request copies in advance and review them for you, so you'll understand the legal obligations you are taking on by signing.  We have helped clients negotiate additional documents to amend the contract to add legal protection as needed.  Not a penny more for that protection. 

Negotiate your best offer using a Realtor.  Many builder homes are listed in our MLS system now, which means that prices of sold homes are available to Realtors to use to help you make your offer, and negotiate your best price.  If you go in alone, the builders' reps will tell you that the price is the price.  A Realtor can access sold information to arm you to be able to say "those three down the same street sold for $10,000 less than you are asking now", and you are in a much stronger bargaining position.  Not a penny more for that benefit. 

If something goes awry during the build process, and that process involves thousands of details, so it happens all the time, and you go in as one buyer among thousands to try to get that resolved; they can turn a deaf ear pretty easily.  But if your Stanberry Realtor makes that call, and can say that our agents represent thousands of buyers, and we want this matter attended to, your odds are suddenly much improved.  Not a penny more for that from your pocket. 

Add it all up.  Use a Realtor.  It can save you thousands of dollars, many headaches, and months of time, all for not a penny more.  

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