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Qualifying for Affordable Homes in Austin

Posted by Sharon Rosshirt on Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 at 8:00am.

We talk to so many people who can easily see the financial advantages of home ownership, but just can’t quite see their way through to make that happen for themselves.  The good news is that there are solutions to almost every situation that would keep someone who is willing to plan ahead from being able to buy.

Yes, You Can Buy a Home in Our Market! 


Work with a REALTOR

Step one is to meet with a knowledgeable Realtor that can help you put a plan together.  That plan will include connecting with a competent lender, who can assess your credit situation, and help you figure out how much of a mortgage you can actually qualify for.  Most people who think they can’t buy are concerned with issues of credit, or down payment.  If credit repair is in order, your REALTOR can connect you with people to assist with that step.  If down payment is an issue, we can assist with information about down payment assistance programs, or loan programs that don’t require large down payments.

Figure out what you can afford

When you have a target for how much mortgage you can qualify for, it’s time to begin to close in on areas where “right priced” homes are located.  If for example, you need six months to save up your down payment and work on credit issues, we can set you up on a property match email service that will send you information on properties that are currently available.  We know most of those won’t be available in six months when you have your financing in place, but you can be educating yourself about what is on the market, and maintaining your focus and enthusiasm for the process by seeing the types of homes and areas that you will be choosing from when you are ready!

Knowledge is power, and we at Stanberry and Associates have helped many people find their way to being able to buy a home.  Let us help you find your unique path to home ownership.

Check out affordable homes in and around Austin

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