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Private Property Rights

Posted by John Rosshirt on Monday, May 22nd, 2017 at 12:01pm.

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I have served many years on this committee of Land Use, Private Property Rights, and Environment at the National level for the REALTOR Association. It is fascinating work I have enjoyed. The name though seems to attract people for reasons that set up conflict. Is the name just three somewhat related topics grouped for one committee? Or should the name have a colon: Land Use: Private Property Rights and Environment. Many people get on this large nationwide committee to defend 'private property right' like they are threatened and the enemy is the environment of at least the people who want to speak for the environment. PPR and Environment are not opposites. Environment is one of the group of Public Rights like defense, transportation, justice. Some call these community rights which are undivided. Our interest in them can not be divided out. It is like a condominium which an individual may privately own from the walls in but the land and all the exteriors are own jointly by the association: an undivided interest. So perhaps the name should be Land Use: Individual and Community Rights.

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