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Tips for a Smooth Transition and Painless Move

Posted by Sharon Rosshirt on Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 at 12:17pm.

Whether you are moving to a new location for work, to be closer to family or just wanting a change of scenery, here are some tips that can make this transition easier and less stressful.

Before you move…Check out your options!

  • Find a realtor that specializes in relocation or has lived in the area for a while and can give you recommendations on just about every need.
  • Stay with a relative or friend, if possible, that lives in or around the area that you are considering. If that option is not available then try a bed and breakfast or hotel in the area to get a good feel for the location.
  • Make a list of realistic monthly expenses for the new location, while keeping in mind that expenses might be higher there than your current location.
  • It is a good idea to research the quality of schools offered at the locations you are looking into if you have school-aged children.

Now that you have picked your perfect location...Plan for a painless move.

  • Label your boxes, on the top and sides, with its contents and the room it will be delivered to. Plan out your furniture as well, so that you can have the movers place it properly.
  • Make sure that you transfer your utilities. Your realtor can help you with the companies that are available.
  • If you are using a moving company, make sure you move your most prized possessions yourself. You will not have to worry about heirlooms or valuables getting broken.
  • Pack a suitcase as if you are traveling for a weekend trip. Include clothing, toiletries, and a towel. Your new home may be messy while you are unpacking, but you will be able to shower and put on fresh clothes without digging through boxes.

You are all moved in…What now?

  • The internet is a great place to start! You can check out Google Maps to find places and Yelp to see what kind of reviews they have. While the internet is a great place to start, don’t stop there.
  • There are probably a few people that you have met through this process that can give you advice on new places, or if there are any areas to stay away from.  After you move in is a great time to get out and meet new neighbors.  They are a valuable resource for information on your new town.
  • Your real estate professional is another fabulous resource for learning about your new area. They can give you information that has been compiled by their office or other businesses for you to choose from.

Lastly...Try not to stress about your move! Do not set expectations too high.  It takes time to learn and things will eventually fall into place.  These tips are just a bit of information to help you with your transition. Keep a positive attitude and it is more likely that good things will happen for you!

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