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(BASTROP) With a 90-day building moratorium in place as of August 14 and the Building Bastrop campaign inception, the City of Bastrop is working with Simple City Design gaining knowledge of Bastrop’s building past, appreciation of its present progress, and anticipation for the city’s future growth.

Realizing that Central Texas is one of the fastest growing regions in the nation, creating substantial opportunities and challenges for cities in the area, the Bastrop City Council approved the building moratorium, using this time to explore responsible growth solutions, focusing on outdated development codes and stormwater management.

After weeks of research and data gathering, Simple City Design presented the Bastrop DNA Analysis report and Powerpoint

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(BASTROP) Double Eagle Ranch, located in Cedar Creek, is Bastrop’s newest development offering new-home country living just 13.5  miles from Austin Bergstrom Airport. Check out for photos and floor plans.

 With easy access to Highway 71 and Loop 130, Double Eagle Ranch residents will have the luxury of many wooded homesites spanning near-to-slightly-over one-acre lots. Brohn Homes is the first of four home builders to offer building sites in this community.

Currently in the 70-acre Phase 1 section of Double Eagle Ranch, Brohn has 12 over-sized lots ready to build along with several inventory homes that will be ready by the end of the year.

Brohn Homes features 7 floor plans ranging from 1802-2644 square foot in a choice

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I have been following the Land Use Code update process from before it was branded CodeNext. A Land Use Code is the set of regulations a city uses about how property is used and developed. It balances landowner rights while also looking out for overall community interests. A city’s land use code is not to be confused with deed restrictions or HOA rules. A property owner’s plan must meet all these rules.

Codes do get updated (the last in Austin was in 1984) but our land use code is older than that and the principals involved were from a very car-centric frame of mind. As such, the land use code has been a contributing factor to our city's biggest complaints. We also have the problems of so many little fixes, amendments, and neighborhood plans adopted

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Have you ever wondered, “What's so hard about selling a house? I can do that myself.” According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), only 8% of homes sold per year are sold directly by the owner. There is a good reason for this; navigating the complete transaction of a home sale can be complicated. These are the questions you must ask yourself: What do I need to do in order to get the home ready for the market? Should I do any repairs/remodeling before putting it on? How will I market the home? and most importantly, At what price will I sell my home? Of course, within these questions are a hundred other questions that pop up. It can be stressful for the untrained person to consider. By not understanding the issues that can arise in a sales

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The City of Austin is no stranger to energy efficiency innovation. In fact, the sustainability program run by the local utility company, Austin Energy, became a model for the creation of the national Energy Star program back in 1992. Austin Energy's mission - to safely deliver clean, affordable, reliable energy and excellent customer service - has been rewarded yet again as the winners of the 2018 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Sustained Excellence Award.

Austin Energy, the City of Austin’s electric utility, is proud to announce that it received the 2018 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award for continued leadership and superior contributions to ENERGY STAR. Austin Energy’s accomplishments will be recognized by the U.S.

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With interest rates on the rise, buyers have been asking, "How do higher interest rates really affect my monthly payment?" The answer might surprise you and it's not as much as you would think.

In this example, we're using a buyer with a 760 credit score putting 10% down on a $300,000 sales price using a 30 year fixed rate mortgage. The monthly principal and interest payment change is only $18.90 a month per .125% rise in interest rate.

Interest Rate Effects

Today's rates are still near half their historical average of over 8%. That provides continued opportunity to lock in very low rates, even if they are higher than in recent history. The days of 4% interest rates are behind us, for now, so maximizing your down payment is a vital component to keeping your payment

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A REALTOR® can save you money, time, and hassles when purchasing a newly built home. can save you money, time, and hassles when purchasing a newly built home.

Buying a newly built home can be a great option for buyers, especially when the inventory of resale homes is tight, and choices are limited.  Central Texas builders have been working for years to create enough inventory to keep up with area demand, and this can work well for you if you are planning to buy a home. 

If you decide to consider new homes as a possibility, here are some important success tips:

First and foremost, involve a Realtor.  Onsite salespeople at builder communities work directly for one builder, and as employees, their job is to get that builder the best deal they

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We talk with potential investors all the time who seem very comfortable with the loan processes involved in buying a single-family residence.  However, when the conversation changes to the possibility of financing a multifamily property potential investors will sometimes get overwhelmed and intimidated.  In this article, I am going to try to outline the different types of commercial lenders.


So, what exactly is a commercial loan? Simply put, a commercial loan is a loan that finances properties that are five or more units. If you are looking at a 1-4 Multifamily property that is classified as residential and is financed differently than the methods described here.

Key Differences between a Residential and Commercial loan

Commercial loans are

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Our economy is currently in a recovery mode from the housing bubble burst that occurred in October 2007.  This means that we have been in that mode for 10 years this month.  That makes the recovery “long in the tooth” in a matter of speaking. Ten years is longer than we usually experience between economic downturns.  It follows that there is a lot of advice being passed around on just what one should do to protect their assets.  Many economists and money managers will tell you what to do with your assets (especially cash, or stocks and bonds,) before this occurs. Investors with substantial assets like these are genuinely searching for “safe havens” in preparation for a shocking jolt in the markets or the declining value of the dollar.

The leading

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So, you think it’s the right time in your life to step up to home ownership? Or perhaps you have sons or daughters who are, that might need some guidance.  It’s a big step, and having expert advice and a plan is essential. The home buying process can be overwhelming feel free to contact me early on.

Identify your Goals (Do a self-check)

It’s hard to hit a target that you can’t see clearly.  How much of your budget do you want to devote each month to a house payment? Many experts recommend no more than 30%. What type of property are you aiming for?  A house with a yard? A close in condo? Are there schools, employers, or particular locations you want to be close to? What is your ideal time frame to make this change? Do you have a lease you have to

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