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How To Get Your House Sold

Posted by Sharon Rosshirt on Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 at 4:19pm.

Let's face it, selling a home has a lot of steps and for many people, they'll only sell their home a handful of times in their lifetime. Here's a quick rundown of the steps that you will need to work through over the next month or two.  

Make Small Fixes

The first thing that any seller should do is develop a sense of what a buyer will see when visiting the house.  Walk through your home and look for minor issues in the house. This might include repairing a creaky hinge, cleaning the carpet or fixing a broken tile.  Being able to see your home from the buyer's perspective will get you in the right mindset for the rest of the process.

Talk to a Real Estate Agent

Unless you have managed a fair share of for sale by owner home sales you probably need help.  A real estate agent serves you with two huge benefits. First, you will have an experienced professional in your corner to navigate the legal elements of your transaction and second, you will have a skilled negotiator in your corner to make sure that you get what you want from the sale.  Additionally, a REALTOR will be able to give you all of the insights you need to sell your house for top dollar.

Set a Price

Your agent can start this process free of charge and without a commitment by pulling a comparative market analysis of other homes in your area.  This report will include a breakdown of what similar houses in your area have sold for over the last six months or so. Figuring out the correct price for your home means that you will spend less time negotiating and less time on the market.  Not overpricing your home can also create multiple offer situations in the fast Central Texas market.

Clean, Clean, Clean

By this point, you will probably be preparing to put the home on the market and start scheduling showings.  You should start removing excess furniture, chachkies, and family photos and moving them either to temporary storage or consider donating things you no longer need.  This will help potential clients really see themselves in your home and make the house seem larger.

Decide Whether to Do A Prelisting Inspection

If you have an older home or think that there may be a larger problem lurking somewhere in your house it may be worth having a pre-inspection.  In Central Texas, nearly every home sale transaction will have an inspection performed by the buyer.  You can save a lot of time by knowing ahead of showings where your potential problems lie and prepare for the negotiations with buyers.

Keep the House Clean and the Yard Maintained

As soon as your home is on the market you need to be extremely vigilant about keeping your home spotless and ensuring that your curb appeal is perfect.  This includes keeping your lawn mowed and weed free, trees and shrubs well manicured and bedrooms spotless and clutter free.

Prepare for Open Houses

Your agent will schedule open houses at your request.  Prior to this, you will want to hide any pocketable valuables and you may consider buying fresh flowers or bowls of fresh fruit to liven your house up.  Before leaving, open all of the blinds and turn on all of the lights.  If your home has any additional special features like a security camera setup or irrigation you may want to put up signs to highlight those features.  While your house is open you should plan on being out of the home, leave the showings to your agent. This will make your potential buyers more comfortable and allow them to really see themselves living there.

Get Everything in Order for your Next Move

Once you have an offer you will be getting ready to make your next move.  Check out our moving guide.

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