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We don’t typically think much about trash removal or hauling junk until something happens and we need to have it handled as quickly as possible. Usually involving a dramatic life change, it could be a divorce, a death in the family, massive spring/fall cleaning or any number of reasons leading to the impersonal collection and the inevitable disposing of our belongings at the dump somewhere outside of town. Not exactly inspiring, right?

Well, Laura Chavez with Junkluggers Junk Removal Service will change the way we think about trash. Junkluggers is relatively new to Austin but we can promise you that you’ll be hearing a lot more about them soon! Originally started in 2004 in Connecticut, the company rapidly outgrew its small hometown and in 2013

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Guest Blog by Brent Bailey with A+ Pool Leak Detectives

The 2 Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make With Their Pools - (Side Note: Please don’t blame your Pool Tech for the following issues.  They are not trained to find and fix leaks and most likely won’t know about this until you tell them.)

As a Swimming Pool Leak Detector (I find and fix leaks in pools), many different situations occur where homeowners are experiencing problems with their pool.  As a rule of thumb, half the pools I see have only one leak to be fixed and the other half have chronic problems with their system.

Unfortunately, the chronic problems are often self-inflicted wounds and could have easily been prevented, if they only knew what I’m about to share with you now.


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Austinites are proud of the contributions we've made as a city to live more sustainably. We recycle, compost, grow our own food, raise chickens and goats, and we're starting to see more electric cars and hybrids on our roads than any other city in Texas. In fact, to help reach that goal Austin made a commitment back in 2007 to be completely carbon neutral by 2020, partly by having 330 vehicles in our city's fleet be plug-in electric automobiles. While that date is certain to be slipped at our current rate of growth and available programs, we are doing our best collectively to help move Austin in the right direction.

How many electric cars will we have?

According to Jessi Devenyns of the Austin Monitor, "ERCOT is predicting that by 2031, 20

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Have you ever wondered, “What's so hard about selling a house? I can do that myself.” According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), only 8% of homes sold per year are sold directly by the owner. There is a good reason for this; navigating the complete transaction of a home sale can be complicated. These are the questions you must ask yourself: What do I need to do in order to get the home ready for the market? Should I do any repairs/remodeling before putting it on? How will I market the home? and most importantly, At what price will I sell my home? Of course, within these questions are a hundred other questions that pop up. It can be stressful for the untrained person to consider. By not understanding the issues that can arise in a sales

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The City of Austin is no stranger to energy efficiency innovation. In fact, the sustainability program run by the local utility company, Austin Energy, became a model for the creation of the national Energy Star program back in 1992. Austin Energy's mission - to safely deliver clean, affordable, reliable energy and excellent customer service - has been rewarded yet again as the winners of the 2018 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Sustained Excellence Award.

Austin Energy, the City of Austin’s electric utility, is proud to announce that it received the 2018 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award for continued leadership and superior contributions to ENERGY STAR. Austin Energy’s accomplishments will be recognized by the U.S.

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The sun is shining, the flowers and trees are beginning to bud out, and those of us who love to garden are making plans to have our best gardening year ever.  If you are, like many people in central Texas, considering what to do to prepare your lawn, here are some suggestions.    

First of all, consider forgoing the application of a combined “weed and feed” product. These products have the benefit of being one simple step, but many disadvantages.  Many lawn care experts will tell you that it is wasteful and unnecessary to treat your entire lawn for weeds that only show up in patches, which means you are wasting money.  You are also adding unnecessary amounts of herbicides into our water systems.  The fertilizer contained in these mixes is

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If you have been contemplating upgrading your home to be more eco-friendly you might be wondering which options are the best value.  Some options are very expensive and ultimately equate to eco-bling, but if you want to get the best bang for your buck look no further than these suggestions.

Shade Trees, Awnings, and Overhangs may Save more energy than Solar Panels can generate

Preventing radiant heat from entering your home is actually a better first step solution than generating energy at your home’s location, which you then use to reduce the total temperature of your home. It is better in terms of the cost efficiency and returns on investment. Adding overhangs or awnings over windows that would let radiating energy into your home is very…
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LU name sign

I have served many years on this committee of Land Use, Private Property Rights, and Environment at the National level for the REALTOR Association. It is fascinating work I have enjoyed. The name though seems to attract people for reasons that set up conflict. Is the name just three somewhat related topics grouped for one committee? Or should the name have a colon: Land Use: Private Property Rights and Environment. Many people get on this large nationwide committee to defend 'private property right' like they are threatened and the enemy is the environment of at least the people who want to speak for the environment. PPR and Environment are not opposites. Environment is one of the group of Public Rights like defense, transportation, justice. Some call

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If there's one thing that lots of Stanberry agents have in common it is a love of gardening and fresh produce.  Whether we are learning about gardening, helping tend to community gardens, visiting our local farmer's markets, or simply growing a tomato plant in a pot on the back porch we love it.  Not only are these veggies fresh and organic, they are also a boon to the local economy and all of us who enjoy them.  

Johnson's Backyard CSA

This month we received a couple of boxes from Johnson's Backyard Garden filled with great locally grown vegetables. JBG is an Austin tradition at this point.  Starting out in 2004 as a backyard family farm JBG has grown to one of the largest Community Supported Agriculture operations in Texas.  The farm now has

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Oh, Texas! How gardeners love the easy way we can garden year round! Fall and winter gardens are some of the best of the year, because of the many days of pleasant weather we have, and the absence of heat and bugs in the garden! There is less watering required, because the plants use less, and less evaporates in the heat. You will be hooked once you try it!

We’re going to focus on herbs and vegetables in this article, because there is the same opportunity to feel proud and gratified when you cut broccoli or kale from your own garden as with any juicy red tomato you grow during the summer months. Eating closer to the source of your food is good for your health and the environment, and Central Texas is big on “farm to table” and supporting our local

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