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Five Ways a Realtor Can Help Buyers (For Free, of course!)

Posted by Sharon Rosshirt on Wednesday, February 1st, 2017 at 9:56am.


Choosing a Home Based on Your Desired Lifestyle

Most buyers know what type of lifestyle they aspire to, but it isn’t always easy to find places to live based on that information.  Lifestyle choices are often a “feel” type of choice, and Realtors have the advantage of having connected at the experience level in many different communities.  You may want walkability, bike trails, or dog parks.  A Realtor can help you find those things in a matching location and price range. They can also help when you want a certain lifestyle but have to live in a certain part of town for work or for affordability concerns.

Is There Anything Else Like…

Perhaps you want to be a little more “outside” the city.  Or maybe you just can’t find affordable close-in living.  Whatever it is, you can look at properties that are available on the internet, but Realtors have other networks and sources that will expand your choices. Stanberry has made a strategy of being the most up-to-speed on new developments that are ringing the city and are not yet on the public radar. For example, if you really want to live in Belterra but it is too hard to find a home for resale, your realtor might suggest Caliterra or Sweetwater because they are fairly comparable but still preselling homes. It is expertise and experience that helps a Realtor find something similar to what you want by reading between the lines. Planning a move might be a lot easier if buying a home before it is built is an option.

The world doesn’t stop for you

Most buyers lead already busy lives, and the time-consuming activities that go with buying a property can create an overload in an already committed schedule.  Your Realtor can manage many of those tasks and contacts, phone calls and communications for you.  They serve as a buffer between you and the transaction as well as another go-to member on your team.  Hopefully, your Stanberry agent will even be the MVP.

Don’t step in the mud

Buying a home involves a lot of legal and financial requirements that most people only deal with a few times during the course of a lifetime.  Realtors do it daily, and they are equipped to show you which are the right stones to step on so that you don’t get stuck in the swamp. They can connect you with the right lenders, inspectors, title company, repair professionals and other necessary players to get you all the way through the process with minimal fumbles.

Hey, Big Spender!

Your Realtor is your key to negotiating the best possible deal without alienating the other party.  Buyers and sellers have inherently opposing financial interests, and it’s easy for transactions to become emotionally polarized. When that happens it can be difficult for movement to take place and a transaction can slow down or stop altogether.  A Realtor is like a shock absorber in the middle, preventing stress and managing all of the parties involved so that everyone can get the win. 

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