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Guest Blog by Brent Bailey with A+ Pool Leak Detectives

The 2 Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make With Their Pools - (Side Note: Please don’t blame your Pool Tech for the following issues.  They are not trained to find and fix leaks and most likely won’t know about this until you tell them.)

As a Swimming Pool Leak Detector (I find and fix leaks in pools), many different situations occur where homeowners are experiencing problems with their pool.  As a rule of thumb, half the pools I see have only one leak to be fixed and the other half have chronic problems with their system.

Unfortunately, the chronic problems are often self-inflicted wounds and could have easily been prevented, if they only knew what I’m about to share with you now.


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Have you ever wondered, “What's so hard about selling a house? I can do that myself.” According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), only 8% of homes sold per year are sold directly by the owner. There is a good reason for this; navigating the complete transaction of a home sale can be complicated. These are the questions you must ask yourself: What do I need to do in order to get the home ready for the market? Should I do any repairs/remodeling before putting it on? How will I market the home? and most importantly, At what price will I sell my home? Of course, within these questions are a hundred other questions that pop up. It can be stressful for the untrained person to consider. By not understanding the issues that can arise in a sales

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As election time rolls around bonds for the improvement and expansion of the Dripping Springs School District will be up for a vote. This piece came across my desk and I am sharing this with all to help understand what is going on in this school district.


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Located at the end of Skillet Road, about 6 miles from downtown La Grange, is an amazing opportunity for someone in the horse industry!  44 acres with a main house, plus three other residences used for trainer and ranch hands in the past.  Large stocked pond.  One barn has 15 stalls each with runs, tack and feed storage plus bathroom, the second barn has been used as an A.I. barn.  It has an A.I. lab, breeding dummy, foaling stall, wash racks, feed storage, and 15 stalls.  There is a small stud barn with 2 stalls and turn out.  There are two lighted riding areas one near each barn.  Plus the lighted  covered round pen for all weather work. Originally built as an Arabian Farm it has most recently been home to a Cutting Horse Breeder, Trainer, Competitor. 

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492 John Craft is located at the end of a gravel road surrounded by ranches in the Red Rock area of Bastrop County.  The home is  3 bedroom 3.5 bath and offers formal dining, large kitchen, pass thru window to one of two living areas, fire place, built ins, lovely master suite.  The other two bedrooms have their own private baths.  There is a fenced back yard. The 18 acres the home sites on is fenced and has great pasture grasses, sandy loam soil, a stock tank, pines, and oaks plus a nice ten stall barn and round pen.  Being offered at a remarkable price of $399,000 for a quick sale.  Please give me, Deb, a call if you would like to see this property! 512-743-0516




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Rancho Valle Verde is just what it is named, a green valley ranch.  Located just past Kirtley this ranch has a Smithville address, 6525 Hwy 71,  but is located in Fayette County.  The gated entry is very low key nestled in the tree line off the highway.  The ranch consists of two parcels, one approx. 15 acres that borders the highway has a lovely stand of large pines and oaks.  The gravel driveway winds through this parcel crosses over the rail line, and on to the second parcel that is approx. 112 aces, main body of the ranch.

Rancho Valle Verde has a history of producing quality registered horses, cattle, goats, and sheep, as well as hay production, and pecans! 

Highlights of what Ranch Valle Verde has to offer are many: Location in Fayette County

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We’ve had a lot of comments lately about how snakes are out, and there seem to be lots of them.  The wet spring has probably contributed to that, especially water snakes.  

Snakes are part of the deal with Central Texas living, so being informed is important.

First:  All snakes are not bad, or venomous.  I know, I know, “the only good snake is a dead snake”.  But not really.  Snakes keep down rodent populations, and some good snakes kill venomous snakes.  Learn to tell the difference.  The most common large snake in our area is the Texas Rat Snake, which while large and imposing, is harmless.  Unless he’s stealing eggs from your chicken coop!

Here’s a link to an easy to use snake ID site focusing on snakes found in our area. They are

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No matter how much it rains during the spring, summers in Texas tend to win and dry us out. Dry weather, high temperature, and Texas’ native foliage make fire safety very important. While it’s been a while since we worked through the fires in Bastrop, Texas it is important to have a plan for when a fire breaks out.

Create Defensible Space

The area within 30 feet of your home should see the mot attention for fire hazard reduction and thinning of possible ignition sources, but the landscape up to 100 feet from the structure should be regularly maintained.  What this means is that trees and grasses should be trimmed away from your home when possible.  You may even consider xeriscaping the areas closest to your house to eliminate as much fuel as

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We have a lot of land under agricultural use in Central Texas.  People often ask us about how tax exemptions work, and the answer may be surprising.  Most of the “tax relief”  processes in place are not exemptions at all, but rather an adjustment to the way the land is valued for tax purposes.  The effect is the same, it lowers the property owners tax bill, but the way to get there is very specific. The Texas constitution permits certain kinds of agricultural land to be appraised for tax purposes at a productivity value, rather than a market value. This special appraisal value is based solely on the land’s capacity to produce agricultural products.

How is the Farm & Ranch exemption calculated?

Agricultural valuation on a property requires that

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