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Stanberry REALTORS® Blog

The difficult Austin real estate market is making it tough on buyers. The only real way to get a competitive edge is to anticipate the difficulties that you will face in the future, plan for them and organize a team to help you succeed. Here are some ideas on how you can make sure you get into a home that you own the next time your lease comes up for renewal or your rent gets raised.

First – Plan Your Finances for Purchase

Getting out of the cycle of renting will take a certain amount of financial discipline. There are plenty of simple strategies that you can start today, which if followed correctly can position you for your future home. A lot of people have saved their whole down payment by getting part of their paycheck direct deposited into a

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The real estate market is cyclic, with a more active market in the spring and summer, and a less active market in fall and winter.  It is similarly cyclic during every decade with cycles of increasing activity and, then downturns with less activity.  You may have noticed that the long term view of a home’s worth always shows increasing value.  If you own a home now, it is, in almost all cases, of greater value than when you bought it, therefore, you have some equity in it. By holding on to your home, you can establish a real estate retirement plan.

The Real Estate Retirement Plan

If you think that it is a good time to sell, move to a bigger home or move out of town, you might consider keeping the property that you own now as a rental. You can pay

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