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December 2017

Found 6 blog entries for December 2017.

The year 2017 brought about many changes for our growing city. Just a few of the new highlights of change include the Dripping Springs Tiger Football team having the first undefeated season in 68 years. The team beat Marble Falls on December 22 and claimed a 10-0 season and an eighth ranking in the state. The last year that the Tiger team reached this high was in 1949.

The EPA withdrew their objection to the City’s discharge permit application, which is the plan to expand the wastewater treatment center. The EPA determined that the proposal successfully meets their rigorous standards. Their findings were that with the growth in the area a new facility will be needed to maintain high-quality water in Onion Creek. The discharge from this facility

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(BASTROP) Bastrop is home to a variety of artists, but tucked away in the Bastrop Industrial Park is the nationally acclaimed Deep in the Heart Art Foundry.

One of The Foundry’s best-recognized bronze pieces is the beaver that greets all travelers who stop to fill up with gas or shop at any of the Bucee’s locations.  And The Foundry will soon be pouring an additional beaver for one of the newest Bucee’s locations.


The Foundry, initially located off Alley A in Downtown Bastrop and employing 5 people in 1980, was purchased in 1999 by Clint Howard and Michael Hall of Michael Hall Studio Foundry in Driftwood. Today, employing upwards of 30 people, Clint and his wife Jamie are sole owners.

At various locations in Bastrop, the

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Just one year ago this month the City of Dripping Springs established two Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones (TIRZ #1 and #2) for the central part of the city.  The purpose of the plan is to promote economic development and to plan for infrastructures to support development in the area. 

This plan includes the improvement of Old Fitzhugh Road and the future planning of a Triangle tract at the east end of Mercer Street.  The west end of Mercer, which is currently owned and occupied by the City of Dripping Springs and Dripping Springs ISD, is potentially being planned to consist of a New Town Center.  The new plan is being based on the information by Stakeholder-provider program data with assessments of needs, multiple Stakeholder Visioning and Work

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(Bastrop) All things are tidy and the decorations are inviting for everyone to enjoy the Bastrop’s Lost Pines Christmas celebration especially Saturday, Dec. 9.

Doors of 4 historical homes and a church will open for the Holiday Homes Tour, voices will sing in merriment featuring the Bastrop Honor Choir, and the day ends with the “Holidays through the Eyes of a Child” lighted Christmas parade traveling down Historical Downtown Main Street.

For more than 40 years, Bastrop has showcased its past by opening the doors of its historical homes. This year is no different with the Bastrop County Historical Society’s Holiday Homes Tour. Proceeds from this tour help fund the operation of the Museum and Visitor Bureau.

The exciting tour includes the

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1. Eliminate Drafts

Homes can lose heat in a lot of different ways from “holes” in the heat envelope, and those can be from many sources. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, drafts can waste 5% to 30% of your energy use. Often drafts come in under doors or through windows that don’t seal tightly. These drafts can generally be fixed by laying weather stripping or using a “draft snake”, which is a long skinny stuffed animal laid against a door or window. Weather stripping tape costs only $5-10 per roll, and easily reduces drafts around doors and windows. If you are really pressed for cash or time you can even roll up a towel and use that as a temporary plug.

Unplugged electrical outlets also let heat escape and can be plugged with

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