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August 2017

Found 10 blog entries for August 2017.

We’ve had a lot of comments lately about how snakes are out, and there seem to be lots of them.  The wet spring has probably contributed to that, especially water snakes.  

Snakes are part of the deal with Central Texas living, so being informed is important.

First:  All snakes are not bad, or venomous.  I know, I know, “the only good snake is a dead snake”.  But not really.  Snakes keep down rodent populations, and some good snakes kill venomous snakes.  Learn to tell the difference.  The most common large snake in our area is the Texas Rat Snake, which while large and imposing, is harmless.  Unless he’s stealing eggs from your chicken coop!

Here’s a link to an easy to use snake ID site focusing on snakes found in our area. They are

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So, you think it’s the right time in your life to step up to home ownership? Or perhaps you have sons or daughters who are, that might need some guidance.  It’s a big step, and having expert advice and a plan is essential. The home buying process can be overwhelming feel free to contact me early on.

Identify your Goals (Do a self-check)

It’s hard to hit a target that you can’t see clearly.  How much of your budget do you want to devote each month to a house payment? Many experts recommend no more than 30%. What type of property are you aiming for?  A house with a yard? A close in condo? Are there schools, employers, or particular locations you want to be close to? What is your ideal time frame to make this change? Do you have a lease you have to

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Fisherman’s Park on the Colorado River in Bastrop generally is a place where families gather, kids play on the splash pad or playscape, and others walk the winding sidewalks that run against the wide river. But both experts and novice river paddlers will gather at the docks for a 2 p.m. start of the 14th Annual 100 Mile Colorado River Canoe Race on Saturday, Sept. 2.

The race is a 24-hour competition that runs from Fisherman’s Park in Bastrop to the Columbus Beason’s Park with check points along the route. The full course is actually a 104-mile paddle, with the hardest leg being from La Grange to Columbus since the river current usually runs slower in this stretch with the last 6 miles picking up the pace. Some paddlers may opt for the alternative

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The annual report card from was released for the 2018 school year. Based on rigorous analysis of student and parent reviews, state test scores, college readiness, graduation rates, SAT/ACT scores, and more these 10 Central Texas districts are the cream of the crop.  

1. Eanes ISD

Overall Grade: A+ | Number of Students: 7,971  |  Number of Schools: 12

Spanning 31.2 square miles of scenic Texas Hill Country in Travis County, with over 8,000 students enrolled in 2018 this top rated district boasts high test scores and a comprehensive curriculum and a variety of enrichment opportunities. 

Homes in Eanes ISD

2. Lake Travis ISD

Overall Grade: A+  | Number of Students: 8,833  |  Number of Schools: 10

The Lake Travis Independent

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Homeowners can make a lot of mistakes during that first year in home ownership, especially when eagerness can sometimes lead to ignorance. HouseLogic recently featured several of the most common and costly missteps homeowners most often make in their first year, including:

1. Always going with the lowest bid.

Homeowners may be smart about gathering multiple bids when, say, that HVAC system needs repairs. But they may be tempted to always go with the lowest price. HouseLogic recommends ensuring that all bids include the same project scope. At times, one bid may be less expensive but may not include all of the actual cost or details of the project, or the contractor may lack the experience to do a good job.

2. Submitting small insurance

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If you have been contemplating upgrading your home to be more eco-friendly you might be wondering which options are the best value.  Some options are very expensive and ultimately equate to eco-bling, but if you want to get the best bang for your buck look no further than these suggestions.

Shade Trees, Awnings, and Overhangs may Save more energy than Solar Panels can generate

Preventing radiant heat from entering your home is actually a better first step solution than generating energy at your home’s location, which you then use to reduce the total temperature of your home. It is better in terms of the cost efficiency and returns on investment. Adding overhangs or awnings over windows that would let radiating energy into your home is very…
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Stanberry works with a lot of builders on a daily basis but few have as many exciting new projects as our featured builder D.R. Horton. D.R. Horton, America’s Builder, has been building homes and developing communities across the country for decades, and you can take advantage of their experience and dedication to get the new home in Austin that has everything you need.

The Right Home for You

You can find a wide variety of single-family homes and townhomes/condos that start in the $180s to the high $400s. Whether you’re looking for a large and luxurious house or something simple and elegant, there are a lot of options available in dozens of pristine Austin-area communities.

D.R. Horton Austin prides itself on the availability of affordable

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Everyone probably knows we are in a seller’s market in our market area.  Stories of multiple offers and cash buyers abound.  Demand is high for properties and people are still moving to Central Texas at an unprecedented rate.

While all of that works in your favor as a seller of real property, you still want to be smart and price it right, so that you don’t leave money on the table, nor shoot so high that you have appraisal issues or delays while testing the market’s tolerance to your price.  Pricing correctly is still important, even in an active market.

So, how do you do that?

  1. Try to be impartial about your property.  Every seller has to work to let go of the feeling that their home is special.  It’s special to you, but on the market, it
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Opportunity Knocks-Don’t Wait to Answer

You know the old saying, Buy Low Sell High?  Well, we are as close as is possible to be able to do both right now at the end of 2014.  Which means it’s a great time to be a buyer or a seller in our market because there are benefits to everyone in real estate transactions right now.  Our circumstances will change, but right now the stars are in alignment.

Benefits to Buyers

There are normal seasonal ups and downs in the market that argue for buying as soon as you can.

Recently we have been dealing with extremely low Inventory levels. That led to multiple offers on most listings and a hectic, difficult buying market. Now in the winter, inventory is up relative to demand, so the craziness of

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We talk to so many people who can easily see the financial advantages of home ownership, but just can’t quite see their way through to make that happen for themselves.  The good news is that there are solutions to almost every situation that would keep someone who is willing to plan ahead from being able to buy.

Yes, You Can Buy a Home in Our Market! 


Work with a REALTOR

Step one is to meet with a knowledgeable Realtor that can help you put a plan together.  That plan will include connecting with a competent lender, who can assess your credit situation, and help you figure out how much of a mortgage you can actually qualify for.  Most people who think they can’t buy are concerned with issues of credit, or down

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