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April 2017

Found 5 blog entries for April 2017.

I hear this all the time from potential buyers. “We’ve been looking for several years but… “ This typically is followed by “we’re saving for a down payment”, “we’re about to have a baby and can’t afford a home at this time”, “we want to pay off out debt before purchasing a home”, “we have bad credit.” If you’ve said these things and are still thinking, and searching, for a home. Stop!

Unless you actually know you will reach whatever goal you’re trying to obtain by having an actual plan to obtain the qualifications you’ve set, with a deadline date and a penalty for not making the goal, you’re not actually trying to obtain the goal. Whatever the goal is. Below are 6 myth busters to owing a home.

  1. You can buy a home with much less down than you
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It's tax time again. 


Sure seems to come around often. Just reminds me that when I complain about paying too much tax, my CPA always has the same advice, “If you want to pay less in taxes, buy more real estate.”  Well, I already have a personal residence that offers great deductions for that huge portion of my monthly payment that represents the amount I pay for interest and property taxes, but I still pay too much to the IRS.  My CPA says, “Every CPA knows that as a tax shelter, it’s better to own your personal residence than to rent, but have you looked into real estate investment properties as a means to reduce your taxes at an even faster rate than your personal residence?”   So I decided to check into that possibility to see what merit it

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Now that the weather is warming up and beautiful weekends become commonplace many of you will be looking to complete some yard work. Before diving in though you should be aware of Oak Wilt and the problems that it can lead to for you and your neighbor's trees.  Oak Wilt is caused by the fungus Ceratocystis fagacearum and is a destructive disease affecting live oaks and red oaks in Central Texas.  This fungus can spread tree to tree through roots or by beetles moving spores between trees. Your trees will become vulnerable to infection whenever your oaks have new, open wounds like when you are pruning off unsightly branches.    

How Can I Tell If I Have Oak Trees?

In Central Texas, our oak trees are predominately live oaks and red oaks.  A…
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Let's face it, selling a home has a lot of steps and for many people, they'll only sell their home a handful of times in their lifetime. Here's a quick rundown of the steps that you will need to work through over the next month or two.  

Make Small Fixes

The first thing that any seller should do is develop a sense of what a buyer will see when visiting the house.  Walk through your home and look for minor issues in the house. This might include repairing a creaky hinge, cleaning the carpet or fixing a broken tile.  Being able to see your home from the buyer's perspective will get you in the right mindset for the rest of the process.

Talk to a Real Estate Agent

Unless you have managed a fair share of for sale by owner home sales you

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by Dr. Kristi Lee

Visit with any district leader in Texas, and he or she will likely tell you there are state mandates and regulations that often make the job of teachers and school leaders much more challenging than necessary and do little to further a district’s goals. Whether it’s a new rule, more paperwork, or a time-consuming process, school districts often feel the burden of the Texas Education Code with little recourse but to appeal to legislators for relief.

The 84th Texas Legislature answered that appeal with the District of Innovation concept, a label that sounds fancy, but in reality, is simply a move to return more local control to school districts and the communities they serve.

The Bastrop ISD Board of Trustees recently joined a

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