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March 2017

Found 10 blog entries for March 2017.


Dripping Springs ISD’s enrollment as of Feb. 20 is 6,008 students, as compared to 5,639 at this same time last year (growth rate of 6.6%). Individual school enrollments are: 

Dripping Springs Elementary 1,005
Rooster Springs Elementary 943
Walnut Springs Elementary 898

Dripping Springs Middle School

Dripping Springs High School 1,718


The Board of Trustees approved names for the new schools located on Sawyer Ranch Road at the Jan. 23 meeting. The new elementary school is Sycamore Springs Elementary and the new middle school is Sycamore Springs Middle School. The Board had determined the desire to continue the tradition of naming DSISD

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Wealth is within reach for many people; however, according to a recent study 63 percent of Americans said it’s not likely they’ll become rich. (1) Don’t just dream of being wealthy; start taking the steps to make it a reality. There is no secret to becoming rich — it takes time, sacrifice and good financial sense. Here are a few ways to build your household’s wealth.

Let Compound Interest Work for You

Compound interest is your interest earning interest. While the concept may work against you when you take out a loan to buy a car or use your credit card, it works in your favor when you’re saving money. For example, if your savings is growing at a rate of four percent, your investment will double in eight years and quadruple in 16 years. Your

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The February 2017 Central Texas Housing Market Report released today by the Austin Board of REALTORS® showed a slowdown in single-family home sales growth throughout the Austin-Round Rock Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in February 2017, indicating that the Central Texas housing market is beginning to normalize to more stable market conditions.

Brandy Guthrie, 2017 President of the Austin Board of REALTORS­® commented, “The Central Texas housing market is just now beginning to catch up to itself after years of unprecedented sales growth. It’s important to remember that current figures are being compared to very strong housing market activity in 2016, so a decline in home sales growth does not automatically mean that the market is softening.”

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You’re buying a house! Congratulations. Whether you’re a seasoned home buyer or a first timer, you may not know the basics to home insurance. Here is a quick schooling to make sure you’re up to date on what home insurance covers, how to choose an insurance provider and how home insurance ties into your property buying experience.

What does home insurance cover?

-Home insurance most commonly protects against fire, lightning, tornado, hurricane, wind, hail, theft, vandalism, ice, falling objects, sudden water and sudden smoke.

-Foundation, water back up and mold coverage may automatically be included or available as endorsements

-Flood (water originating outside the home) is a separate policy that may or may not be required depending on if

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By: Mike Heaviland 

The biggest decision I’ve been fortunate enough to make since graduating college was purchasing my first home in May 2015.  I had been wanting to purchase a home and after three years and as many apartments, I was finally ready to settle down and buy.  I assumed that the home buying process was roughly the same as any sort of purchase or at the very worst purchasing a car.  I was naive and without guidance from my parents and an experienced first time home buyer real estate agent I may have ended up in a pretty big hole.

There are a lot of things that a first-time homebuyer needs to know.  You must have a grasp of contracts, mortgage rates, credit reports, insurance and property taxes and more.  Then you must also assess the

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The weather has been good to us this last year - for the Bluebonnets for sure!

 As I drive to and from my appointments I am seeing lots and lots of Bluebonnets poking their heads up. The Bluebonnets will be in full glory shortly!   One of my favorite spots to see Bluebonnets is right here in Fayette County on State Hwy 159 just north La Grange and  Hwy 71. A few miles past the Hwy intersection there is a large ranch on the right that has not disappointed in years past with fields of Bluebonnets and some amazing Longhorns!  A true Texas photo op and  I am sure there are many many published photos of this scenic spot. Another spot I drive by daily is on State Hwy 159 coming into Fayetteville Real Estate for sale It is on the north side of the road at

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In 2007, Qualico started building homes in the Austin market under the Pacesetter Homes brand.  In 2016 they started Hill Country Artisan Homes to reach the demands of the custom new home market. A vision of luxury, Hill Country Artisan Homes provides custom homes with functionality and comfort in a beautiful setting located throughout the Texas hill Country.

As a leader in the Austin new homes market, we welcome many central Texans home each year. Award-winning designs, quality construction, and reliability serve as cornerstones of all the homes we build.

As a proud member of the QUALICO family, Hill Country Artisan Homes share in 65 plus years of homebuilding history as one of western Canada’s most successful builders. 

La Ventana - Driftwood, TX

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One question we get a lot is about the return on investment from home remodels!  Property owners should always be thinking of resale value, and there are so many things that create value and others that seem like they would but don’t.  Sometimes, it’s just the right thing to do to improve your property for your own enjoyment, and not worry about the return.  

Realtors will tell you, generally speaking, that the best return comes from kitchens and master bedrooms, along with everything that goes to the first impression: Fresh paint, carpet or flooring, landscaping, a great looking front door.   A new front door, according to the NAR report, will consistently bring back what you pay for it.

Decisions about spending money for remodeling or

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I couldn't put a gross bug on this post so here is a beautiful bee.  Bees are wonderful.

I couldn't put a gross bug on this post so here is a beautiful bee.  Bees are wonderful and they are totally not pests.

Fire Ants

Fire ants in central texas are a very common problem and a painful one to discover while playing in your yard.  This is one that has affected my backyard for years and each year we are able to manage them with a couple of simple chores. 

  • Sprinkle Cayenne pepper near the ants and on the mounds.  You might be thinking won't that just make them even fire-ier  (you weren't thinking that) but it's a really great way to deter ants without killing them.  Using cayenne pepper from the bulk spice section of your favorite grocery store, mix the chili with water in a spray bottle or apply directly to the mounds.  This is
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As the days grow longer and milder, Bastrop calls those who seek adventure to its area. From traditional getaways like Bastrop State Park and Lake Bastrop to the newest fun spots including Zip Lost Pines and Next Level Ride, one can relax and re-energize or test out extreme sporting skills.

Located at LCRA’s McKinney Roughs Nature Trails off Hwy 71 between Bastrop and Austin, Zip Lost Pines is a unique experience for those soaring over the loblolly pine canopy and steep canyons on dual zip lines, the first in Texas.  Zip Lost Pines opened this fall and offers zip lines ranging from 146 feet spans to 1316 feet spans connected by various platforms and 3 suspension bridges.

While zip line partners get the bird's-eye view of wildlife and the

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