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As election time rolls around bonds for the improvement and expansion of the Dripping Springs School District will be up for a vote. This piece came across my desk and I am sharing this with all to help understand what is going on in this school district.


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Pacesetter's Courtyard Home in Pecan Park

Pacesetter Homes, Pecan Park Bastrop’s newest home builder, offers a lifestyle alternative with their Courtyard Home Plans to those who desire less home upkeep or a traditional choice with their Craftsman Plus plans.

A new option in Bastrop living, the five Courtyard home plans feature a private courtyard area between the home and a detached front garage, eliminating a large, grassy back area requiring maintenance. With 69 lots available, these homes, generally situated on a 40 x 120 square foot lot, range from approximately a two-bedroom 1188 square foot home to a two-story three-bedroom home.  Prices range from $209,900 to $267,900, making these an affordable, low-maintenance option.

For people searching for a larger-lot home, the seven

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Why is energy efficiency important?

Austin and much of the surrounding areas are filled a wild variety of homes, buildings, and structures. Some that look pulled right out the pages of a modern magazine and some that continually shine on the annual Weird Homes Tour. What do these properties have in common? Any property serviced by Austin Energy has access to energy efficient upgrade rebates! 

Did you realize that  Austin Energy offers financial rebates to residential and commercial property owners for upgrading their structures to be more energy efficient? A longtime leader in renewables, Austin Energy paved the way for the rest of the country to take the important steps forward in investing in more energy independence.

"Austin Energy

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How can we save you money??

What is a Homestead Exemption?

Property tax brings in the most money of all taxes available to local government to pay for schools, roads, police and firemen, emergency response services, libraries, parks and other services provided by local government. Homestead exemptions reduce property taxes for all homeowners by sheltering a certain amount of a home’s value from taxation.

Homestead exemptions are granted by the county appraisal district where the property is located. The exemption reduces a homeowner’s property tax bill by removing part of the home's value from taxation. All Texas homeowners may receive a General Residence Homestead Exemption of $25,000 on the value of their property for school taxes. Other taxing entities may also offer

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February ushers in that time of year where most Texans look ahead, eager for the spring waiting just around the corner. Sure, that groundhog said six more weeks of winter, but around here that means we might get one more light freeze before our town bursts into a blooming display of technicolor. It also means that the competitive home selling season is almost upon us. For those of you thinking about selling your home this year, chances are you’ve got some homework to do. Don’t worry though, with your Stanberry realtor, there’s no Olympic training necessary. Here are five tips to get you started.

1. See your house for the first time

As you begin to look around your home with the intent to sell, try to look at it with the fresh eyes of a buyer who

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The sun is shining, the flowers and trees are beginning to bud out, and those of us who love to garden are making plans to have our best gardening year ever.  If you are, like many people in central Texas, considering what to do to prepare your lawn, here are some suggestions.    

First of all, consider forgoing the application of a combined “weed and feed” product. These products have the benefit of being one simple step, but many disadvantages.  Many lawn care experts will tell you that it is wasteful and unnecessary to treat your entire lawn for weeds that only show up in patches, which means you are wasting money.  You are also adding unnecessary amounts of herbicides into our water systems.  The fertilizer contained in these mixes is

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Developed by Bee Cave resident Jim Boushka and his business partner Steve Harren, Bunker Ranch is a new luxury master-planned community, located 25 miles west of Austin, having lots that range from ¾ acre up to two acres with 165 home sites planned. This area gives residents the rustic charm of living in the country. The area is heavily wooded with towering live oak trees along with a greenbelt and a scenic canyon landscape. 

People considering moving to the tranquil hill country area will appreciate the lifestyle, shopping, entertainment and distinction of Dripping Springs ISD. With all that the area has to offer, Bunker Ranch also maintains a low tax rate. To keep things lively, the “The Bunker” is the community center that is dedicated to

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(BASTROP) Bastrop, home of the Lost Pines and nestled amongst several golf courses, a State Park and LCRA lake, boasts a quaint Historical Downtown with a vibrant Main Street that offers a unique shopping experience, tasty restaurants, a distillery, and numerous live-music venues.

It’s these attractive features that prompted the Deluxe Corporation, a marketing company that produces the show “Small Business Revolution” to choose Bastrop as one of their top 10 of 20 qualifying cities to compete for their Season 3 program aired on YouTube and Hulu and to win a $500,000 small business makeover.



Bastrop, the only qualifying town in Texas, beat out other small towns throughout the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Officials and

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If you love antiquing like I like antiquing you probably are aware of the big shows held in Fayette County bi annually between Highway 71 and Highway 290 along FM 237..  If you love antique shopping and you don't know about the Spring and Fall shows, you are in luck, you don't have to wait for spring, you can catch the first ever Winter Show scheduled to happen at the end of this month, in just a few days!  

Here are the venues that will be open for shopping in Round Top:

The Big Red Barn  26th and 27th ( tickets available now and at the door )

Junk Gypsy 25th, 26th, 27th

The Compound 25th, 26th, 27th

McClarens 26th, 27th

Bill Moore Antiques 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th

Old Glory 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th

Townsend 25th, 26th, 27th,

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A REALTOR® can save you money, time, and hassles when purchasing a newly built home. can save you money, time, and hassles when purchasing a newly built home.

Buying a newly built home can be a great option for buyers, especially when the inventory of resale homes is tight, and choices are limited.  Central Texas builders have been working for years to create enough inventory to keep up with area demand, and this can work well for you if you are planning to buy a home. 

If you decide to consider new homes as a possibility, here are some important success tips:

First and foremost, involve a Realtor.  Onsite salespeople at builder communities work directly for one builder, and as employees, their job is to get that builder the best deal they

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